Front Seat to Innovation

 The Tech Exploration Journey brings participants to companies and institutions developing innovative solutions in technology with applications to industries across finance, healthcare, insurance, agriculture, mobility, manufacturing, security, entertainment, media, aeronautics and many others.

 One week exploring the most dynamic innovation ecosystem in the world

 A one-week immersion Tech Exploration Journey designed for high-impact learning about new technologies and disruptive methods in Israel, known as the Startup Nation. Innovation Journey is designed for entrepreneurs, executives engaged in innovation, in digital transformation as well as and anyone interested in an mind-opening experience. Learn from experts, meet new partners, and get inspired by Israel world-renowned innovation culture. Discover emerging trends and disruptive technologies that impact the future of multiple industries.

Why Israel

 With more startups than the European union and the second foreign country with most companies listedintheNASDAQIsrael has positioned itself as an innovation powerhouse. Innovation Journey provides visits to companies, organizations and institutions in multiple industries including startups in different stages, venture capital firms, universities, research institutions, gov’t agencies and NGOs.