The Healthcare Innovation Journey

The one-week immersion Innovation Journey MedTech / Life-Sciences program is designed for high-impact exposure to new technologies and disruptive methods in the major areas of healthcare and life sciences.

You will get the exclusive opportunity to meet with companies and institutions developing innovative solutions in the major areas of healthcare including:

  • Medical Devices.
  • Pharma.
  • Digital Health.
  • BioTech.

Front Seat to Innovation

You will see firsthand the impact of innovation in each of these core areas as well as the interaction with related fields.

You will visit 20 to 25 organizations including:

  • Startups in different stages.
  • Venture capital firms.
  • Healthcare providers.
  • Incubators.
  • Accelerators.
  • Research institutes and universities.

Learn from experts, meet peers, connect with new partners, and get valuable insight into Israel’s world-renowned innovation culture. You’ll get to peak behind closed doors and chat firsthand with executives to see how they apply best practices in innovation to disrupt industries and build the future. Perhaps most importantly, this whole experience will be shared with a group of your peers who are dealing with similar challenges and working towards similar goals.

Why Israel

Israel has positioned itself as an innovation powerhouse in the field of medical technologies and life sciences. Innovation Journey provides visits to organizations with specific focus in healthcare including startups in different stages, venture capital firms, universities, research institutions and major medical centers.