We are passionate about business innovation.

Innovation Journey provides a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with Israel, the Startup Nation. We bring a select group of innovators and entrepreneurs to experience the country and meet with the founders of startup-companies in different stages, multinational companies, venture capital firms, universities and research centers, government and NGOs. You will see and understand how every component of the Israeli ecosystem contributes to its success.

Israel has given us Waze, ICQ, Mobileye, Mellanox, the Iron Dome Defense System and so many other disrupting technologies. Companies like Intel, Motorola, Ford, Oracle and Phillips set up major research centers in Israel hoping to benefit from this unique ability of Israelis to innovate. Israel indeed is recognized as the Startup Nation and the Innovation Nation.

Our one-week programs are designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals of all levels. We can also build an itinerary based on your specific industry or interest.

As we come into the weekend you will have the opportunity to get to the know the country, it’s people and the culture. Expert guides will take you on various tours through the most iconic places of the Holy Land.

Browse through our Professional, Young Professional, or Custom programs to see which one is right for you.

Why Israel